Manual Dough Sheeter SFP Series

Manual Dough Sheeter Sfp Series

KEMPLEX MANUAL DOUGH SHEETERS SFP SERIES they can work any kind of dough down to very fine thicknesses.
The sheeting rollers of KEMPLEX MANUAL DOUGH SHEETERS SFP SERIES are plated with hard chrome, ground and polished.
The scrapers are easy to remove for cleaning.
All the bearings are protected to prevent infiltrations of flour.

KEMPLEX MANUAL DOUGH SHEETERS SFP SERIES, the speed of the conveyors is variable to prevent wrinkling of the dough. The tables can be raised so as to reduce the space occupied by the machine at rest and can be removed in the case of model SF.600.
The electrical system is low voltage with double control (manual and pedal).
The guards are of the accident-prevention type and are connected to the electrical system by limit switches.

KEMPLEX MANUAL DOUGH SHEETERS SFP SERIES is mounted on wheels to simplify movement.

KEMPLEX DOUGH SHEETERS have been designed and planned for functional operation and simple use.

Our models SFP600, SFP500, SFPB500 are ideal for installation in restaurants, hotels, confectioners and small and medium bakeries.

KEMPLEX DOUGH SHEETERS are comply with international safety standards.