Manual Dough Sheeter SFP 500

Manual Dough Sheeter Sfp 500

Sheeters Kemplex

  • Work all kinds of dough, even of very thin thickness.
  • Scrapers can be removed in just a few seconds for daily cleaning.
  • Rolling cylinders are calibrated, polished and chromium-plated with hard chrome.
  • The trays can be raised, so as to limit the overall machine dimensions when closed and in the SFP 600 model they can be removed.
  • The bearings are all screened to avoid contamination.
  • Adjustable speed conveyors avoid causing wrinkles on the pastry.
  • The low voltage electrical supply can be controlled either by hand or by a foot operated pedal and the electrical system is linked to accident proof safety guards.
  • The A Frame machine is mounted on wheels and is therefore fully mobile.
  • Shoulders in Anticorodal aluminium
  • Shoulder covers in ABS plastic


Technical Data
  SFP 500/710 SFP 500/950 SFP 500/1200
Roller Length mm. 500 mm. 500 mm. 500
Roller Diameter mm. 60 mm. 60 mm. 60
Roller Opening da 0 a 35 mm. da 0 a 35 mm. da 0 a 35 mm.
Conveyor Size mm. 500x710 mm. 500x950 mm. 500x1200
Dimensions in Operation mm. 1800x880x1100 mm. 2320x880x1100 mm. 2800x880x1100
Dimensions Closed mm. 600x880x1460 mm. 690x880x1720 mm. 800x880x1920
Motor Hp1 Hp1 Hp1
Weight Kg 148 Kg 160 Kg 170